Def e - on my own / isolated showers

The conflict between cyber attackers and defenders is too often in favor of attackers. Recent results of graph theory research incorporated into red-team tools such as BloodHound, shift the balance even more dramatically towards attackers. Any regular domain user can map an entire network and extract the precise path of lateral movements needed to obtain domain admin credentials or a foothold at any other high-value asset. In this talk, we present a new practical defensive approach: deceive the attackers. Since the time of Sun Tzu, deceptions have been used on the battlefield to win wars. In recent years, the ancient military tactic of deceptions has been adopted by the cyber-security community in the form of HoneyTokens. Cyber deceptions, such as fictitious high-privilege credentials, are used as bait to lure the attackers into a trap where they can be detected. To shift the odds back in favor of the defenders, the same BloodHound graphs that are generated by attackers should be used by defenders to determine where and how to place bait with maximum effectiveness. In this way, we ensure that any shortest path to a high-value asset will include at least one deceptive node or edge.

Friendly reminder to all of you Capture the Flag rock stars - there’s still time to put your stamp on the Super Bowl of CTFs at DEF CON 26!

We’re looking for a team with big ideas and the skills to execute under pressure. A team that wants to push the limits and create challenges that people talk about for years.

If that’s you, read the requirements at https:///html/links/dc-ctf- and get in touch. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got.

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We had Comcast and gave it up for the upstart WinFirst, a venture capital company that had great service (TV and cable). When their money ran out they were bought out by SureWest and everything went downhill from there. U-Verse finally hit our neighborhood in December and we were hooked up in January and are DELIGHTED!!! Our HDTV (50-inch plasma) has the BEST pictures and we have many channels to watch. Our phone service (VOIP) has been great and the internet is faster and much more reliable than I had with SureWest. We’re sold!

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5. "Animal" had a three-year gestation period.
"Animal," the first single from the album outside of the . and the record's first hit here, took three years to finish, in part because of Lange's impossibly high standards. "We used ... my original demo, but it took three years before we actually completed [the song]," Collen told SongFacts . "I had done this demo and it was okay and there was a song in there we just couldn't quite get. We'd revisit it and I remember we were recording vocals in Paris for something and one day Joe had done this vocal and Mutt Lange had said, 'Wow, this vocal's killer. Let's rewrite the song around that.' ... He said, 'Yeah, this is okay but this can be great.' That's always his thing. 'Yeah, it can be alright and it can be an okay song but we want to make it great.' And I think we achieved that."

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Mos Def released his solo debut album Black on Both Sides in October 1999, also through Rawkus. [13] [14] The single "Ms. Fat Booty" charted, [12] while the album reached #25 on the Billboard 200. [15] Around this time he also contributed to the Scritti Politti album Anomie & Bonhomie . [16] [17]

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Def E - On My Own / Isolated ShowersDef E - On My Own / Isolated ShowersDef E - On My Own / Isolated ShowersDef E - On My Own / Isolated Showers