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Fritz won’t take contributions from attorneys who do business with the Assessor’s office. He’ll take politics out of the equation.

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Some of the best ideas are born out of a need for positive change. That’s what drives the ladies behind Sparkke Change...

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Bette Rogers and make sure you are hungry. All of Fritz's Sandwiches are plenty BIG!!!

Fritz originated as a German nickname for Friedrich , or Frederick ( der alte Fritz was a nickname for King Frederick II of Prussia and Frederick III, German Emperor ), as well as for similar names including Fridolin . Fritz was also a name given to German troops by the British and others in the First and Second World Wars, equivalent to Tommy , as the British troops were called by German and other troops. [1] Other common bases for which the name Fritz was used include the surnames Fritsche, Fritzsche, Fritsch, and Frisch(e).

German familiar form of masc. proper name Friedrich ; as a characteristic name for a German, from 1883, especially in World War I. On the fritz "inoperative" (1903) is American English slang, of unknown origin. Earliest references suggest a theatrical origin.

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